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Well Done,Dad,may your son and all the soldiers that have serve this past year receive thanks and praise for there service.
Good luck to the new soldiers , we are proud of you.
Our prayers and tears are with the families and friends of all those who have given too much.


My son was at Summerall for one year 2004-2005 in support of OIF3. It was a happy and proud day when he and his unit returned. I continue to follow the news from Summerall through this site and thank all who have maintained it--it has been both a source of comfort and tears, and a way to keep connected. Good luck to the mom who is now taking over this task--know that your efforts are appreciated. My thoughts and prayers are daily with our soldiers, those who have paid the ultimate price of war with their lives, and their families. God bless and thank you.

Sheila A Szymczyk

I am happy to know that a brave mom of a soldier at summerall will continue with this site. I am also a mom of a soldier at summerall and I look forward to any updates as it helps me to be closer to my son so thank you in advance

Jody Navakuku

My son returned from Iraq in the fall and while he is still stationed far from here, I find so much comfort in knowing that he is at least safely back in the states. For a year Summerall was home for my son and his commerades. For a year it was the only safety they knew. For a year the walls and fences provided a haven for them to relax as best they could with the horrors of war right outside its gates. For a year I clicked on this page, hungry for information, starving for a glimpse of what what my son's home away from home. It is with extreme gratitude that I bid farewell, until we meet again. To the new families who now take over my vigil, may God watch over your loved ones and give you strength to endure what may be the hardest separation of your lives. Sincerely, Jody Navakuku, a grateful Rakkasan mother.

robin hawkins

we have a son stationed at summerall, and we are always looking for information on him.thank you for doing this.

rakkasan mother and father

Thanks for everything, Greg.. God Bless all of our troops.. Happy Holidays to all.

Kimberly Doran

Thanks, Greg, for the great site you continued on for the families. There wasn't a day that went by it seems, that I didn't click on the Summerall site. I will venture back here from time to time to see how the new Summerallian families are doing. Make sure you keep in touch now Greg.....take care!


Hi , my son has just landed there and as a mom i will say im scared ,, can we please saty connected ,, ty


Hi is me again lol ,, i created a TypeKey account so hopefully anyone who may have sons/daughters/husbands/wifes/loveones there can help me understand all this



i used to be there for while with 82nd and 101st Airborne,i do have some Photo's of Summerall and Bayji Area

How can i upload the Photos

God Bless All

former paratrooper

Fob summerall will be open indefinitely because there is a place called the bayji oil refinery that is in that town. as long as that oil is flowing we will stick around to make sure it gets to the right place.


i was a contractor at summerall i am 46 yrs old i have met young men that have made me so proud to be american. to the wolfhounds thanks for watching 2-27..506 of the 101,airborne ilove you guys ,82nd ,first of the 505..and all my contractors who really were there for the guys may god allways bless,youguys u know who u are.sfc,darknell mp,s 4 ever thank you sargeant.we left some of the names on the t-walls there but we bring you home with us forever,i love u guys ...peace and love,allways fellas......james

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