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No words come to mind that can ease the pain that a parent experiences when they loose a child. But I would like let the family of SPC. Christopher Mason know that my family feels some of your pain and that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Your son and mine were in the same platoon.

Jonathan Yoder

I would like to express my deep sorrow and my prayers to the family of Chris Mason . My son is a friend of Chris and is still there at Summerall. We share a small portion of your grief .

sue dubrava

My deepest sympathy for the loss of Christopher. His
bravery and honor will always be remembered by the friends and family of our men and women at Summerall.

Donza Thompson

Having patrolled the streets of Bayji myself,I know how dangerous it can be.God bless the fallen......

Jenny Clewis

Chris's passion and bravery will always be remembered. I will be keeping his family in my prayers.


May CPL Mason rest in peace. The Army promoted him which he much deserved. He was in my son's company & is surely missed by them all. Prayers go out to his family & friends & fellow soldiers. God Bless.

Jennifer Farmer

My name is Jennifer Farmer and Chris Mason was a very dear friend of mine. Chris was great guy who inspired me, made me laugh and made me want to be a better person. He truly loved this country, was proud to be an American and was glad to serve in Iraq to protect us from terrorism. One of the things that he said to me when he was home in October was, "Jennifer, if I never have anything but the clothes on my back, the truck I drive and a roof over my head, I will be happy and grateful for those things because we are living the American dream. Those people over there do not value life....they just don't care." When I count my many blessings, Chris is one of them. I was blessed to have known such a wonderful man. He will forever live in my heart and mind.

Chris held a strong faith in Christ; he valued his salvation, valued his family, valued his friends, valued his life and always had fun no matter what he did. He always made everyone around him smile and laugh. I never once saw him in a bad mood, I never heard him complain about anything. I ALWAYS heard him thank God for all that he was blessed with. I have peace in knowing that he is with our Father in heaven and is happier now than he ever could have been on this earth. I will forever cherish the memories I have of him and the great times we shared.

I know he will meet me at the gates of Heaven and the love that we shared in our hearts will live on in Heaven as it did here on earth.

Chris comes from a WONDERFUL family and I am honored to know such great Christian people.

Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Father of CPL Chris Mason

The news story of Cpl Mason being killed: http://www.al.com/armedforces/mobileregister/index.ssf?/base/news/116488213612730.xml&coll=3

The funeral of CPL Mason with photos:

Video feed of Cpl Mason's funeral, cut and paste this url into your player and it will open and play, it is a video stream:

Kimberly Doran

May CPL Mason's live on in the memories of his family and friends and in the stories of his fellow war buddies. May they be the voice of his memory for a lifetime.

Father of Cpl Mason

Here are photos of the The Patriot Guard Riders at Chris's funeral....... most of these men and women are vets.... My son would had been honored with these men and women leading the way.



Thanks for sharing the links to the news story as well as the pictures of the Patriot Guard Riders. I hope you and your family are doing okay through this time of grief. Chris was in a different company from my son, but he will never be forgotten by the Paratroopers of the 1/505 nor their families.

Father of Cpl Mason

Here is a link to the interview I did at Chris's grave site concerning the deployment of more troops to Iraq, the interview was conducted on 1-10-2007 by a local NBC network station.


Kimberly Doran

I just have to take a minute to comment on the Patriot Guard Riders. (PGR)
We, the 101st from Fort Campbell, had a very rough deployment this time around. We lost many many soldiers. There was so much controversy going around with this particular group (I don't want to give them the publicity so I will not use their name), anyway, this particular group would venture to the funerals and memorials of our soldiers. We had a memorial service each month for every soldier that was lost and this group would sit outside our post with nasty signs towards our soldiers. Driving by this group and seeing the signs, well, it makes you literally want to run them over with your car. You find yourself with tears in your eyes because you wonder how someone could have such disrespect for our uniformed men/women.....you're driving by this group with this sadness that unless you see if for yourself, you can't truly feel it.....you drive a bit further and you begin to see this large group of United States Flags, POW flags and motorcycles...when you see a large group of bikers with flags and they are near your post or at a soldiers burial, you know it's the PGR!!! We had PGR members outside our post each memorial service and they were at our fallen soldiers burials. The PGR are an amazing group of folks. They were our backbone here many times during our memorial services. They protected us and did their best to shield us from this other horrible group. They made sure they stayed until the last one of the other group was gone. They are a pure example of supporting our troops and their families 100%. I strongly urge you to support the PGR and if you're able, join the group. (check out their website) We folks here at Fort Campbell support and honor every single PGR there is!!!

Father of Cpl Mason

Bridge Dedicated to Fallen Soldier: Cpl Chris Mason


Father of Cpl Mason

Here is a working link: Bridge Dedicated to Fallen Soldier: Cpl Chris Mason


Father of Cpl Mason

Here is the link to Cpl Chris Mason's internet storage site, here you will find photos and pictures of Chris and Iraq during his short stay at FOB Summerall.


Father of Cpl Mason

My wife and I along with my son are on our way to meet with the President. We leave Mobile on the 29th.....

Have dinner with Congressman Bonner on the 30th.....

On the 31st, at roughly 1030 or so, we meet with President Bush in the Oval Office. I plan to have my son LT Garland Mason III lead us and the President in a prayer asking God to keep each and everyone of you troopers safe, and that God keeps you strong, asking that each of you will understand no matter what is going on there at Summerall (standing guard, filling sand bags, fighting the bad guys, or just hunkering down) you are winning this war each day, one day at a time. You are winning because you paratroopers are there, standing right in the middle of a terrorist's backyard, and you do this knowing their only concern is "how are we going to kill and American today." America counts on all of you so kick that tale "Hooah"..... at that time I plan to express my support for winning "The War in Iraq", and "The War on Terrorism.".....

On Feb 1 we linkup with Senator Sessions for a photo op........ then we return home.....

robin hawkins

my son ssg d served with you son..and my heart breaks for you. D is still in iraq, and we know in our hearts that he is doing the right thing. they all are, no matter what we are hearing on the news, we know that we have to be there, and our sons, and husbands, and wifes are putting their lives in danger everyday, to protect us. we need to thank god everyday for everyone of them proudly serving our country. our prayers go out to you and your family.


Let us know how the meet and greet goes when you return. I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers today especially as you go thru what I am certain will be an emotional experience. debbie

Father of CPL Chris Mason

CBS News link of story to meet with President Bush:


Father of CPL Chris Mason

In this video Chris Mason is speaking as a Paratrooper, PRCA Bullfighter, a man of God, and as my son.


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