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Kathy B.

Debbie - My hat's off to you for taking on the task of web master. I find myself searching many websites often looking for ANY and ALL information with regards to our soldiers that are currently serving in Bayji. It's comforting to know that I NOW can instantly connect here and communicate with others seemingly going through the very same feelings and emotions that come with being a parent of a soldier in Iraq. I honor the strength, heroism, and courage of my son Kevin as well as all the other soldiers serving along side of him. Peace be with each and everyone of you.


Kathy, Thanks for the encouragement. I truly do understand just about every emotion that comes with having a child deployed to Iraq. I don't have any idea how many of the 1/505 people have found this site thus far, so if you know of others, please spread the word. If you have questions or just need more personal contact please feel free to contact me via the link under site philosophy. I check this email on a daily basis and promise to respond to any emails.


Dear Debbie,

Thank you for taking on the website. My son is in the 303rd Military Police Co. which is being attached to the 82nd Airborn at FOB Summerall. Were from Jackson, MI and I look forward also to a quiet deployment. If there is anything we can do please let us know



Wow, this is wonderful to find!! My husband is also in the 303rd MP Co. I am so proud of our soldiers. I am hoping to hear soon if they arrived safely. I am glad to finally have an APO to send him letters! You are all in my prayers along with our beloved soldiers. Let's keep the home front strong!



Thanks for taking over the site so we will have another place to go. My son is with HHC 1/505 this is his 4th deployment, 2 times to Iraq and 2 to Afgh. Mary


Thank you Debbie for putting this out there! It will be nice to have somewhere to go for support when the times are getting rough. My boyfriend is from the 79th MP Company in Rochester, MN who are currently attached to the 303rd from MI. Again, thank you to everyone who is supporting our loved ones. Stacey


Thanks for giving us comfort in knowing someone is trying to get us any information on our loved ones. I have 2 sons in the HHC 1/505. I am fortunate to have heard from them a few times since they got there. As your son is tight lipped and you don't get much information, my sons have there standard comment, "We're fine". I pray for every member of our military and their families and thank them for what they have given up for us. Carole

Sheila Szymczyk

Debbie thank you so much for taking your time to keep us worried parents informed as much as possible. It will bring me comfort to know as much info as I can to be a little closer to my son in summerall. He is with B Co 1-505. Thanks again and God bless your effort. Sheila


Thank you for what you are doing with this website.I also have tried searching the web to find any info as to my son.He is with the 303rd mp from the Ohio group.We are very proud of all of our soldiers,,,,,may god bless them all,,,,,,,god bless you for doing all that you are,,,,,,Darrell

elaine bosher

Our son Matthew is also with 303rd m.p. he is from ohio and we are so happy to have a web sight to go to.I contacted our local VFW and as of today they are sending out phone cards .They have been so helpful.May god bless you for taking on this web page and god bless all our soldiers and families ----elaine

Kathy B

Debbie - I have not been sucessful trying to contact you via your email. Would you mind contacting me? Thank you.


Hi there! I have been able to talk to my husband several times, and he sounds like he is doing very well and staying safe. I am SO thankful.
I hope every family is doing well this Christmas season! I think our soldiers will be comforted thinking of home and of us continuing with our regular Christmas traditions. God bless each of you!


Carole, you said you have TWO sons in the 1-505 - they are both in Iraq right now at Summerall?? Oh my you poor mom - you must be one strong supportive mom. Congrats to you!!! You must be so proud of them. My son is also in the 1-505 at Summerall right now & we hear from him about 1x per week but yes he's always, "don't worry, i'm fine" - well i'm counting on that & i believe him. As i pray every night & day to keep him & all the others safe. Thank your son's for their service to our Country. Karen :)

Pete Whipple

Debbie, thanks for taking the reins and keeping the website going. My son, Matt is at Summerall now with the HHC 1-505th, we keep in contact with email, IMs, and he got his spawar phone account and we have talked to him several times. I too scour the internet for any info from the area (news alerts with yahoo and google), Matt being a good soldier is tightlipped about what is going on so I depend on the news for most of the info. Hope you have a blessed holiday, and thank you again.

Jerry K.

Debbie, Thank you for taking over this website. Our son is the XO for Bravo Company 1-505 at FOB Summerall. We too like all other parents worry and pray for the troopers there. I can't imagine just a few years ago when we did not have the internet to keep in touch with them. We are fortunate to hear from our son every once in a while. One of the last times we heard from him, he said to google search Baiji (or Bayji) Oil Refinery for stories about the area. Even though some may be dated they still provide us parents with an idea of what the troopers are faced with. I found the reports to be very helpful for me to understand what some of their missions and patrols involve. God Bless all 1-505 PIR families. Our sons and daughters in the military represent the best of this great country and the pride of their generation!!!!

Ed Bender

Our family will pray every day for the safe return of loved ones who are now in harms way.

Our son, Sgt Jake Bender spent 9 months in Summerall in 2004-2005, surviving two very close brushes with death. He more than any of us at home knows what's at stake there, not only for each soldier, but our countries. He forged good friendships with many soldiers on the base and will never forget them.

I know that Bayji is not one of the best areas to be in, but these soldiers are our best and will take care of each other. The locals are more willing to help our troops each day, which helps tremendously.

Work together to let them know how much they are appreciated. Send them what they need, and keep in touch as much as possible. Find soldiers who don't get much sent to them and have your local school kids write or send them things. You have no idea how much even a little note from a child will brighten their day. They get enough bad press, counter it with as much positive as you can.

Again we will pray every single day for all of our troops safety, and for all their loved ones for the strength to make it through this.

vicky TJ's mom

I met your son at one of the family gatherings and he was a great help to me and he is a great kid, I felt more at ease about the deployment after speaking to him and he is a guy that my son is reporting to. I knew that he had been there before too

Troy & Melissa Laird

Thanks Debbie for taking on this site. Our son is in the 303rd (Jackson, MI) also. I appreciate the fact that you are taking time out to take over this page. You are awesome!

Cheryl B.

I am looking for an APO for a friend that is in the 303rd MP Jackson Michigan. I hadn't been able to reach him by email or phone. I just found this sight and realize now he must have been deployed. This sight is great! Are the guys able to read this from Irag? Thanks for any info


I don't have the APO you are seeking, however I do know the guys have internet access at FOB Summerall. So if they know the site exists, they can see it and read all the comments and postings. I would suggest you go to the "Helping Deb with the Site"blog and post your question there. I have seen a great many comments from 303rd people there and perhaps someone can privately email you the APO. That is not information that I as co administrator of this site would like to see posted in public so you might request someone send it to you privately. I am pretty certain this can be done, by clicking on the submitting persons name.


Hi Cheryl-

I e-mailed you the info you were looking for....I hope it helps!


Thanks Stacey, I did get your email, it will help once I find my friend. He may not be there, he could have been deployed earlier and has gone on to Afganastan. I've left him messages every where, so I'll wait. I continue to pray for all our troops and for their safety home.

SPC Christopher D Sumpter  Cco 1-187 Rakkasans

I was in the Bayji, Al Saniya/Saliya, Sharqat, Potomah region from September 2005-2006. Just wanted to tell you guys to stay strong.

Elizabeth Smeby

Hey Debbie,
My husband is in 1-505! This is a very tough and very long deployment! Hopefully they will all be home very soon though! My prayers are with you and your son for his safe return! Thanks for the great site!


I echo the sentiments of the previous families. My youngest son is at Summerall, and a second son will deploy to Iraq in Jan. We don't know where he will be assigned. What we DO know, is that we have placed ALL of our troops in God's hands, and we can find comfort in the knowledge that He watches over each one of them, when we can't. No one every said that being a parent was an easy job, but......no one can know the heart of a MILITARY parent until you have been one.

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