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Larry King


Any news on when they are bringing them home, I talked to my Son who is with the 1/505 and they are planning to be back at Bragg on the 25th of October, I see on the site they had all the plans for the 101st when they were coming back....How about the 82nd...I would like to be there when they return and am looking for any info on dates or any other plans for them.

white rabbit

As of this morning...somewhere in Europe. Almost guys..hang on!!!

Allan C. Mull


Thank you for helping familys who are not very good with computers or web sites,My son just arrived at fob summer all in Oct. 2007 He is with the 275th M.P.Company . God Bless You and Thank You


I am a 101 soldier currently getting ready to head to Somerall to relieve the 303, can anyone tell me about the internet and phone access at this fob? please email me: thomas.donaldson@us.army.mil


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