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thank you so much for doing that. I feel alot better now. I, as a
soldiers wife, should have known better. I appreciate your quick response to this. It is a learning experience for all. Sometimes we forget whats going out there in the world. We greatly appreciate this
site and are thankful for it. God Bless all.
Thanks again
Mary 303rd


Mary, I'm glad the reminder was taken well. I had my husband read it before I posted it, but I still feared coming off as overbearing. Thanks again for the encouragement.

robin hawkins

after posting my apology this morning, i checked these postings,and seen where i have messed up again...posting rank and last name....i also should have known better as this is not our first time deployment.....and that was a great way to let everyone know, and it was not overbearing...you are wonderful for doing this for us all...please keep up good work, and we will do our best to comply. thanks again and our thanks and prayers go out to you and your husband...thanks robin


You can use first names just not last names. I had talked about this with Deb a month or so ago as I was concerned about that the posts are all public but we didn't want to make them password protected as many might not post cuz it becomes too much work. So please just first names, no last names except in private e-mails.


Great memorial page for 1-505 - may God watch over their families and may the fallen soldiers rest in Peace.

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