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Yvonne Vu

Dear friends and families of camp summerall... Did you ever think that this web site can be found by only punching in two words in the search engine "Baiji Iraq" This is a great site!
HOWEVER... If I can find it so can the soldiers on the "OPPOSING TEAM" if ya get my drift... This is putting the boys that are working over there in grave danger... anyone can find out anything about the boys and plan a strategical attack based from this site. Please for the safety of the boys that are still standing! TAKE THIS SITE OFF THE NET!!!
A Loving mom who only has a few more months before her son is home from his second tour to this god forsaken land

Larry Casteel

I lived in Bayji with 1ID 33rd Field Artillery from 2004-2005, Give'em Hell Paratroopers.


How can we up dated this to date.?

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