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Ed B.

I know this is hard to hear. These brave young men and women are our best and losing any of them is terrible.

I haven't seen many postings here lately about the good our soldiers and contractors are doing there at Summerral. The families of soldiers who are there would love to hear that there is some good coming out of this. If the stress of the deployment is hard to deal with, you should talk to someone. News about how the FRG or other groups are helping the families would be great too.

When my son was there in 2005, they were rebuilding the main electrical station for northern Iraq. They were also building new schools and local infrastructure for the town of Bayji. When he got there just before the January 2005 elections, Summerral was getting six or seven rocket and mortar attacks day and night. But by the time he left in the later part of 2005, the attacks were down to one or two a week. The local people started turning in the insurgents at an ever increasing rate.

Many of us pray for the safety of all our troops and the families who have a loved one there.


My husband just deployed on Saturday with 101st Airborne. They are on their way there, so hopefully you can go home. I know how hard these long deployments are on Soldiers and their families. I wish you God speed back home, and ask that in return, you pray for our family. Sgt. Johnson has four beautiful kids that he is going to miss very much; another 15 months away from them. I wish you didn't have to see that kind of news, I know it's hard. You all are in our thoughts and prayers here at Ft. Campbell, KY.

God bless you and all that are there at Summerrall. Get home safely. It's our turn now. :(



I agree with the comment to provide us with more news when possible. My son is with the 82nd Airborn. He is very anxious for redeployment back to the USA. Godspeed 101st, till your rotation out again. May Sgts Collins and Heringes Rest in Peace. May their respective families know peace as well through this loss.

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