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Elizabeth Dejesus

My name is Lizy. I am a proud Army Wife. And I thank you for this web. See, my husband is in Sommerall, and I miss him so much. Reading the casualties, makes me realize how short life really is, and reminds me to tell him, everytime I can, how much I love him. He makes me proud, and to all of those soldiers, "Thank-You." May God Bless each and everyone of them!!!! I love You Pfc. Andres J. Dejesus


I wanted to let everyone know that Spc Kamka did not kill himself he was murdered by a fellow soldier. The Army wont do crap about it so I want someone to do something about this. I knew SPC Kamka very well and I know he did not do this.

SPC Jeffrey Roush

I was in fob summerall for 8 months with 1st Platoon 2-300FA FWD From April/06 to December/06 . Before we left for Fob Warrior we had many football games with the 303rd. SPC Hugo loved playing football and was a great person, may they rest in peace. Bayji is a very hostile place to be, and being blown up and shot at before, GOD HELP THOSE WHO ARE THERE.

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