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Bobbi Burford

My son-in-law is with the troops that replaced your guys. They are with the 101st Airborne 1/327 out of Fort Campbell. God Bless your boys and pray ours return safe! Thanks
Hopefully someone from their FRG will notice this and take it over. If not, let me know!


Hey Bobbie,
Historically this site has been run by family members. The FRG has a site they maintain so I am pretty certain they have no desire to handle one not sanctioned by the US Military. If you as a familiy member are interested in running the site let me know via email and I will give the particulars associated with maintaining the site. It is not that difficult, and depending on the degree of involvement you choose to put forth determines the time required. Unfortunately I discovered just a few months into the deployement that my second straight year of having a son in the sandbox was far more difficult on my emotions than I ever imagined it could be. I did not do this site justice and now wish that I had found someone to pass it to at that point, but that is in the past and can't be changed. Debbie


101st airborne from fort campbell KY is at FOB SUMMERALL... my fiance deployed sept. 22, 2007 and this is where he is stationed... i hope someone takes over the site...

April Hall

My husband is currently stationed there at FOB Summerall. He is with A Co. 1/327 that left Ft. Campbell on Sept 20th. I'm wish that I could help with this site it was a wonderful thing for the familys from what I did see. But I am currently 7 mo pregnant .. SO.. but I do have someone that I'm sure would be WONDERFUL at it. She is my husband's PTL's wife and I have been in contact with her from day one. She is not part of the FRG but very involved none the less... She is a very devoted military wife and I think that this would be something that she would enjoy. Please contact me to I can give he some more information. Thank you for caring about our boy.

Chad Hord

I can take over this site if you wish
my brother 1st SGT Scott is stationed here, 101st out of Fort Campbell KY Brigade, and I will be able to keep track of information to some degree through him.


Chad to protect those who protect us, I have edited your brothers' name. For security purposes it is safer to not post a soldiers full name and rank. I hope you understand and are not offended. Debbie

Jennifer Brooks

My husband is with the 275th DC NG is also at Summerall. I would be more then happy to take over or to combine with someone from the 101st.


Bobbi Burford

Well, has anyone decided to take over the site? I think it is great that there are some volunteers that are located directly in Fort Campbell. I am really disappointed with the FRG site, no updates. I hope this site takes off!


My son is also stationed at Summerall, he left Ft. Campbell on 28 Dec 07 and is currently there if I can help please let me know.


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