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i think my fiance was hit this day too... he was ok but i think he was with this young man... my prayers go out to his family and all the troops out there...


Our prayers and thoughts go out to our family members that have lost loved ones. May you always know that you are always a family member and team member of your loved ones unit. We Do Not Forget Those Who Gave Their All. You will always and forever be our family. Our hearts are always with you. The ultimate sacrifice is something that can never be explained or understood, but rest assured and always remember that we are truely greatful and very proud of your loved ones Proud Service to our Country and to you. My dedication is to all our fallen Heros and their Families for all their Love and Support. You are not alone...we Love you...We Support you...and we Thank You...God Speed..Our Blessed Thanks...May God Be With You!

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