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Margaret Hawk

Praises for the men and women of our military...Prayers for the Platoon Leader and his fellow soldiers for their bravery and sacrafice to this fight for freedom....My son is in Bayjii and I miss him....

PFC Licht, Jonathon

thank all of you who pray for us. Im out here at FOB summerall tell dec 08. ....................... who ever is in charge of this site plz update it we are the 101 1-327 whoooaaaa if you need pic of the symboles just come to the s-4 meet up with pfc licht or the s-1 pfs shehan. thank you. :) and spreed the word about this site us troops dont know about it but i just found it randomly.


If you need help with the banner at the top of the page let me know


It's a shame that the units following the original poster of this site have failed to keep up the tradition. If you have no time to run the site, then take it down. the last two individuals did not do do anything for this site. it's ashame to the original poster of this site.

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I am soooo greatful to you and those that serve and sacrifice for us here in this great country. May God Bless you and keep you safe.

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