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Donna Orth

Do you have any good news or happenings to report?

Donna Orth

Do you have any good news or happenings to report?

Concerned Vet

This site has really gone to shit. Why don't we just turn it into the FOB Summerall Casuality list?. It's a real discrace to Blue Star Dad & Rakkasan Dad, that it has not been well kept up. I guess that goes to show you, leave it up to the 101st th fuck things up.


I can help with this site if I may? I look at this web page everyday to find some news (other than bad). We need recent pictures from summerall and we need to know what's it like any of our soldiers comments, greetings anything. It is getting pretty sad.


i just wanted to say that i also read this sight .our son came home 3 months ago, from summerall. and this sight helped us so much. some days were filled with such fear and to be able to share thoughts tears and hope was so wonderful. to know what the guys wanted in the warm weather and cold weather. how hand warmers helped, who would have thought. what movies they wanted, anything to make life easier for them. the pictures he brought home showed so much more about what its like, the children who flock to the soldiers, you can see they feel safe around them. i wish we could have seen some of this through the long deployment we as parents would have felt the human side of this whole thing. i always thought everyday was so awful, but then i see how they joked around pulled pranks laughed alot. i know they had many days that were brutal, but they are an awesome group of men and women, they dealt with death and injuries but still managed to live some sort of a life there. my son has come home a grown 22 year old, with stories of bravery and metals and stories that really touched our hearts about people there. hang in there , and get some one to help with this sight, you will look forward to sharing your thoughts with others. these brave men and women need to see strength on the home front . death is always a daily reminder of where they are at so make a sight that gives comfort. and i want you to all know that you are in our prayers and thoughts always. we will never forget the sacrifice they have made or the families. god bless you all elaine, mother of a 303rd m.p. gunner

Bill McGrew

I was at Summerall, OIF II, I had a wood shop Built in one of the building, just would like to know if it still in operation , and if one of the interp iraqi was still there called newbe?


Please pray for the injured and families of the soldiers that were killed on April 21st by an IED in Bayji. They were all from FOB Summera.


I Have a son there now and read this all the time . Sometimes it just takes so very long before i hear from him / about him at all ,,, All this scares me every night

Kathryn Crissman

Our son is at the FOB right now. I have read all the posts and it scares me to death to read about the tragedies of last April, 2008. I know our son had felt that he had a calling to do this, and so I pray to St. Michael, the Archangel, to defend him in battle. There have been two of his company severely injured recently, so the terror and bombing haven't stopped. He does tell me of some brave young Iraqi men (age 18) who are about to join the IA---I pray for them as well; their lives are just as valuable to their mothers. Their is a being greater than all of us; my son finds that he prays so much more now and has found that God has strengthened his resolution. Kathy, Houston.

elizabeth prater

my husband is deployed there right now and i havent spoke to him in a very long time...i could really use some help


I don't want to believe that he died for nothing but damn, when will they stop Iraq ?


i'm sorry to hear this, hope it will all be fine and over soon




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