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Larry King

Merry Christmas to My Son Chris and all the other members of the 82nd Airborne 1/505 at FOB Summerall...My You have a Safe and Speedy tour.....Were proud of You all !

Jimmie King

To My Brother Chris and all the other paratroopers of the 82nd, Merry Christmas, Hurry Home Safe.........Jim king


merry christmas to my son darrell with the 303rd mp co,we love you and all our troops,,,god bless


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR TROOPS & TO OUR SON SCOTT JR AT FOB SUMMERALL - 82nd ABN - 1-505 A Co. We miss you Scott!!!! All our prayers are with all our troops & their families. God Bless!!!!!

Sheila Szymczyk

It is now the day after Christmas and it was a bitter/sweet Christmas. As our families tried to carry on with the day we were all thinking of our soldiers and praying real hard for another safe day. I am so very proud of my son who is with 505 B co at summerall. I want to send out a Happy New Year to all the families left behind and to our great soldiers who are doing the toughest job Known. God bless you all and God speed. Love a Mom

Kathy Boys

Merry Christmas to both my boys in the 303rd MP Co. James & Nic. Love you lots. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you at Camp Summerall. God Bless.

robin hawkins

Our family was just not complete without our youngest son, dustin stationed at fob summerall, we are so very proud of him and all of his fellow soliders that have had to spend this time alone without their families, it really brings home the meaning of true heroes....they are ours...happy holidays 1-505..our prayers go out everynight for all of you....sgt pugh's mom

Jesse Navarro

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas in the 82nd, 3rd Bridgade 1-505th PIR, I want to wish all of you a safe and quick return home, want to wish my son Spc4 Aaron Navarro a very happy New Year, we are all proud of you and of all the others serving our country, may we all keep them in our daily prayers, home is not the same without you all...God Bless You!





Kathy Boys: I did not realize that James and Nic were brothers. I've never met them, just saw their names on the list. How are you doing with both your boys over there? I'm Mary Howard, their 1SG's wife. I hope they have gottn to call home over the holidays. Take care and keep the prayers going.
mary (303rd)

robin hawkins

my son got to call new years day...first time we had talked to him in 3 weeks...it was so good to hear from him he said everything was ok but he sounded kinda down. we caught up on all news from home and what he wanted in next package. hope the new years brings all home. so glad i found this site, unless you are going through this i dont thing anyone realizes how this affects a mom...thanks again for the site..

Kathy Boys

To Mary: The prayers are going strong. We have a large family of aunts and uncles and cousins for support. The boys have been able to call and it's been a Godsend. They seem to be holding their own. Must be the 1SG! Hope things are well with you and yours! Thanks. I think if you click on my name, my email comes up. Let's chat.
Kathy Boys

Troy & Melissa Laird

SNOW??? In Iraq???/ Well hello to all in the 303rd. We are all praying for your and keeping you in our thoughts. I hope you all stay warm and safe in your CHU's. For all the families back home, we pray with you too.

Matt's Mom

Kimberly Doran

....most of our Rakkasans spent Christmas and New Years at FOB Summerall last year so we feel the heavy hearts as your guys are now over there. Know that we think of the guys at FOB Summerall often....I hope you each had the chance for some communication over the holiday. Keep your spirits up and know they'll be home before you know it!


Thanks Kim for your kind words!!! Is your son home now?


Hi Troy & Melissa, yup sure was snow in Iraq. You can see the pics on the right of the page labeled Dec-Jan 2006 Summerall. Pretty amazing. I didn't think it snowed in Iraq? I wonder how often that occurs? Karen :)


Hey Karen,
Kimberly's husband is home. He came home last fall, I think the day after my older son returned from this region. She is a very special lady, with a great heart; especially for the parents of young soldiers. It has been my special priviledge to get to know her over the last year or so.

Kimberly Doran

Thanks Deb!!! You are a remarkable woman yourself!!!! The best thing out of becoming a military wife, well, besides the wonderful man I married, is the work I've done with all of the single soldiers parents. I love those Rakkasan single soldier parents and that will be the greatest thing I'll miss when we leave Fort Campbell. There are some remarkable, strong parents out there! It's hard to send our husbands over there but to send your son off to war, I cannot even begin to imagine!
My husband was deployed to Iraq, his second tour there. He came home in September 2006. Actually, all four of his deployments have been with the Rakkasans so, we leave Fort Campbell with very heavy hearts but, at the same time, excited for our new journey to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Any parents on here from that area?

MSG Bill Putnam

My name is MSG Bill Putnam. I was the Force Protection Officer for FOB Summerall during OIF II. I built most of the defenses on the base and would like to know if someone can put me in touch with the person who is responsible for Force Protection at Summerall now. Thanks, and good luck to those stationed there now.


Hi MSG Putman,
I talked to my husband(1SG Howard-303rd) and he told me to email you and give you his email and he can get you in contact with the person you are looking for.

Mary (303rd)


Hey all! Those photos of the snow at Christmas time are great!! Thank you! I was actually talking to my husband Nate when it was snowing over there. He is also in the 303rd. It was funny because that's when it was so warm here and we thought we would never get our winter weather! Gotta love Michigan! :) I hope all are doing well. I know you are with me in keeping our soldiers in our thoughts and prayers. God bless the USA.

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